Friday, August 04, 2006

The Golem Ethos

Superman. A lot of kids might tell you that spiderman is the ultimate superhero. Truthfully, Spiderman has always been my favorite. This is probably because only in Spidey do we see ourselves most. I can't say this as a point of fact, but it seems to me that Peter Parker would spend a proportionally great deal of time fighting monsters that were
internal. That is something which seems to resonate with us deeply. True, Batman personifies this idea too, but, in a way, he is less fantasy and more nonfiction. With Spidey, their is a pleasant synthesis of miraculous (some superhero abilities) with reality as we know it (his abilities are not, as in Superman's case, all-encompassing).

Paradoxically, even amongst the myriad Spidey freaks, at the end of the day Superman holds a place in people's spirits that no other character can touch.

What is his mystique?


  1. Interesting analysis...

    Wasn't superman created by a Jew?

    And I've noticed that spiderman/peter parker had internet conflicts which made it more interesting. As though it was family and friends issues, rather than just killing bad guys.

  2. Good point Jewish Side :)

    Two Jews created Superman actually; Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster.

    Totally with you on the Spidey insight.

  3. oops I just realized I wrote "internet" conflicts, instead of "internal". lol

    and Thanx!