Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Movie Review 'Taken,' Starring Liam Neeson:

Movies are assur.  'Taken' is a movie.  Therefore 'Taken' is assur.  I learned this line of rudimentary Aristotelian logic back in the day when I tried cracking the LSATS.  I never could wrap my mind around some of those logic games.  Which is why 'Taken' is a nice diversion of the 'Bourne' (at least the first and third of that Matt Damon trilogy) and 'Enemy of the State; (excellent film - remember it) variety - it's intelligent, but you can have an IQ hovering around 100 and not feel like you have to keep up. Don't get me started on the first 'Mission Impossible' flick or any other incomprehensible rubix cube downer.  

Liam Neeson is one bad-tuchus dude who is always deliberate in his roles - and it shines through in 'Taken'.  He's got to take on more of these type of flicks.  Even though they may be lacking for substance, it does not matter much - it's a primal joy to watch him thrill as he kills in his elegantly mannish, reasoned, and purposeful Euro-style.  He's in control, and he'll get you for taking his daughter - this guy's all staggered testosterone.  I'm not going to ruin the movie for you with particulars, but if you liked recent bare-bones fare like American Gangster, you'll leave the multiplex sated enough, and meditating on how cool it would be to be Liam Neeson. 'Taken' hits an assur multi-plex near you on January 30.  Stay tuned for a review of the hot to the touch 'Watchmen'...

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  1. "Taken' hits an assur multi-plex near you on January 30."